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April 19, 2009
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Sphinx by hewhowalksdeath Sphinx by hewhowalksdeath
height: unknown (witnesses claims that she could be a hundred fifty meters tall)
weight: unknown


engraved heiroglyphs

"She had opened up her mind to her followers from the lands of the East and the West. Though the great children of Ra and the mighty soldiers of Zeus had seen her as either a goddess of a monster, she still accepts her position as the teller of time and the keeper of secrets.

Though no man must ever challenge their gods, for they had provided them everything that they ever needed and wanted; the great lioness goddess is willing to answer a perticular wish...

To protect her humble people from threat "

indeed, the great lioness goddess did awoken in 2016, as a demonic threat is conjured to spread havoc...

powers and abilities:
~ can be persuaded to do a single wish from a non-magi summoner
~ when summoned, The Sphinx can't be summoned back until her orders are done.
~ can fire twin solar bolts from the two glowing spheres on her wings.
~ can shoot solar energy from the tip of her wings
~ can spread a holy energy at her foe to calm it down and stop it from attacking (doesn't work on certain supernatural monsters)
~ can produce palm blasts
~ has the ability to manipulate time. Although, she could never do this in combat, this skill is more of a rite than a combat ability and can only be done through a ritual.
~ can instill energy at other beings
~ can revive a fallen creature. the energy she uses here varies on the size of the creature.
~flight at mach 10
~ teleportation
~ purely immortal
~ doesn't rely much on hand to hand combat, so her weakness is that she can't fight "tooth and nail"

(c) mine
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Gidala Jan 9, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool art.

It reminds me SOOO much a Na'Vi.Only with wings and golden clothing.
hey, yeah! she does look like them! wow, i never noticed that until now. thanks!
Wonderful take on the concepts of the sphinx; alien and different, but clearly the creature of legend and beautiful at that. And she's way more original then my own Sphinx-based character...


I'll be sure to add this gal to my favorites before too long.
thank you, then! I'm glad you loved it~
Hmn, quite nice, stylish and powerful looking,and with that sort of appeal of feminine deities. For some reason it reminded me a little some features of the Rahxephonephon style.
Really fine design.
you being a Newtype too XD).
Well, quoting Wikipedia "A Newtype is theorized to be the next stage of human evolution in the fictional Gundam universe. This minor but groundbreaking metamorphosis is usually expressed as a heightened mental awareness, the result of an evolutionary adaptation to life in space..." , for some friends and me there's a joke about being NT's for being constantly mind-connected and involved in weird coincidences (and in a bad turn of the joke, having our ideas stole by Sunrise several times XD).
quoting like Homer Simpson: "Damn you Sunrise!" XD
XDD Well, yeah, although at this rate, I respect Sunrise for entertaining all of us the NT's and I curse Bandai for being so greedy with all the related merchandise.
okay, so getting back from the term "newtype:"...ya kinda lost me there 83
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