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September 11, 2011
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P.E. idea: Badger Brawl by hewhowalksdeath P.E. idea: Badger Brawl by hewhowalksdeath
This Extra Credit Opportunity may be used as a substitution for an assignment worth up to 5xp, or as additional work worth up to 7xp.
Layla Kisnki is asking her cousin for a new team sport. Alex shares his idea of just that...

Game: Badger Brawl
Goal: Like football, only played with a rabid badger instead of a football. A player must grab the rabid badger and run with it to their team's goal.

Anyone who is capable of playing this game, so long as they're physically fit and is capable of playing. No gender limitations, no age limitations. each team consists of twenty players.

a. handler- a player who must handle the badger. Only one handler on one team. No two handlers can exist at the same time.

b. Defensive brawls- these are the remaining players who must tackle down opposing players to aid the handler. A defensive brawl can become the next handler if the first hands the badger to him.

The field:
a. A Regulation badger brawl fields (minus the end zones) are 100 yards long. Each end zone contains a goal post and is 10 yards long. Yards are measured from each respective end zone's goal line, beginning with , until yard markers meet in the middle at the 50 yard line.

b. Though all yards are measured with "hash marks" or white lines on the sidelines, plus a line extending across the width of the field every five yards. Only every 10th yard line (10, 20, 30, etc.) is labeled with a numeral.

Game play:
a. At the game, each team consist of ten players, all suited up in a protective armor, created to withstand animal bites with a helmet that features a protective window to avoid getting foam into the player's eyes.

b. A whole game is made up of four quarters, each lasts for ten minutes. There's a half-time break after the second quarter that lasts for twelve minutes.

c. The game starts when the referee releases the first rabid badger. Players must NOT crowd the animal to avoid harming it or for the animal to harm the player.

d. Each player must grab the animal and, with it, run to their team's goal located on the opposite side of their field. If team A is on the left and team B is on the right, team A's goal is on the right and vice versa.

e. Player from the opposite team of the player who has the badger must try to tackle down the player holding the badger. Otherwise, players belonging to the team of the player who has the badger must either defend the said player or get the badger, passed by his/her teammate, and try to score in his/her place.

f. If a player successfully ran with the badger to their goal, their team gets two points. A whole quarter consist of repetition of this gameplay.

a. A player successfuly running with a badger to their goal gives his/her team two points.

b. A player must be holding the badger in order to get the points. They are NOT allowed to throw the badger to their goal. That is an immediate foul.

c. A score will only be given IF the badger AND the player gets to the goal. If a quarter ends with a player still holding the badger but is nowhere near the goal, there is no score given.

d. a player from an opposing team who "accidentally" scores on his/her opponent's goal calls an immediate foul, and gets one point away from his/her team.

e. If by the end of the fourth quarter, two players, each from both teams, grab hold of the badger, a "sudden death match" is at hand. A Sudden Death match is two minutes long and only said two players are allowed to compete. the goal is the same, they must grab the badger and run with it to their team's goal. If both players ends with the same scenario by the end of the match, another sudden end match will be held.

f. each quarter must consist of teams of different members. A player cannot be in the same team for more than two games unless called for. (a player is removed, fouled, disqualified, etc.)

g. If a badger dies of natural reasons, without the cause or aid of any of the players or officials, a spare badger must be used and the quarter, if interrupted, will start again but will only last for the remaining time left.


a. any player who commit a foul gets a point away from his/her team.

b. a foul can be any or any combination of the following:
1. harming the animal. Disabling or killing the animal will render the player out of the team for two quarters and a removal of one point. If a player from each team manage to grab hold of the animal and either player refuse to let go, this counts as harming the animal, and both players are fouled.

2. harming a player to disabling. A player who commit this will be out in the team for two quarters and will take away one point from his/her team.

3. if a player has superhuman abilities, they're either not allowed to play the game or must limit it. If a player is caught using his/her powers, he's disqualified from the game and will take away two points from their team.

4. Bringing deadly weapons will automatically disqualify a player/s who break this and will take away two points from the game.

5. only tackling is allowed in gameplay. Punching, kicking and any other moves aside from tackling is not allowed. one point will be removed from the team who commits this and the player is not allowed to play for the remainder of the quarter.

6. officials are not allowed to enter the game unless they are permitted to. If they are to join, permission must be received by the end of the half-time break. Any officials who commit this foul will cost two points away from his team and is not allowed to compete for the remainder of the game.

7. uses of any other tools other than the badger is not allowed. using tools to alter the state of the badger is also not allowed. This includes sleeping potions, baits, luring cages, traps, etc. A player who commit this foul is not allowed to play for one quarter and will lose a point from his team.

c. If a player commits more than one of these fouls, his/her team will lose score equal to all the loses each foul has and is not allowed to play for two quarters.

d. No player is allowed to call foul unless the referee sees it. At the same time, a referee who unfairly judges a team play will be automatically expelled from the game if proven otherwise.

e. If a player is removed from the game, whether by foul or by any other cause, another player must take his/her place from the bench.
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Sounds like an interesting game
Now for team names
Cryptid1399 Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I demand Team Names! Even Team A and Team B will suffice!
I have no ideas for team names
Cryptid1399 Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Angel: Neh why dont we just use rabid wolverines for spares it might be interesting.

Strange shadow figure: Crap what the heck am i doing here, by the way game sounds fun.

Angel: the tall creator person decided its time to come home dude.

Strange shadow: but i dont wanna come home.
Alex: holding a rabid badger who's gnawing on his arm* who's the creepy tall guy?
Angel: ok one its not a guy. 2 i hope you've had rabies shots. and 3 this is my twin sister who ran away sometime ago. we've been looking for her for sometime and finally found her.
Layla:... hmm...
Alex: I don't get rabies shot, I give myself shots!
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