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May 31, 2009
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NIGHTjUNK: new comers by hewhowalksdeath NIGHTjUNK: new comers by hewhowalksdeath
(third season of my fictional Toho and Godzilla Tie-in, NIGHTjUNK)

The year is 2016, 2 years after Godzilla successfully defeat Kaizer Ghidorah and the "Mother of woes" a powerful witch bent of destroying mankind and the summoner of Kaizer.

Early in the year, Japan's most notorious monster had met his end in an epic show: due to "over radiation", Godzilla's body couldn't stand the nuclear reaction through his body despite it being his natural sustenance. Godzilla went to his final yet remarkable stage: Burning Godzilla. 130 meters high, with glowing hot burns growing out of his bodies and spines burning as bright as the sun; the EDF as well as the rouge pro-monster team NIGHTjUNK cornered the beast in the Arctic, hoping the freezing temperature, as well as the new freezer technology they armed themselves can prevent the nuclear meltdown Godzilla will cause. After an epic battle with the brave soldiers of Japan, America, and Russia, Godzilla dies with both honor and relief.

months later, NIGHTjUNK went on looking for new members to make up the lost of Godzilla (who happens to be the team's most usable monster in combat, though very difficult to control). 7 answered their call...

from left to right:
~ Lara- the once visiting Venusian, a proud race of technologically advance aliens, Lara decided to put down her position as heiress of her mother's throne to help the very planet that saved her kind. Now Lara practices magic with her mentors, the "Lolita Witch" Yamiko Kobayashi

~ Thane Floe- Convicted of homicide of his own father, Thane is released from maximum security due to both serving his time as well as his uncanny ability to manipulate fire. The Japanese police thought his powers would come to more use if he signed up as a member of one of Japan's well known pro-monster team. Kazim Rahja, the team's third in command, took him as his responsibility.

~No-Ah Park- a Korean immigrant, a typical outcast with a surprising power to foresee the future. although she could only see flashes of it, randomly, she believed that her powers would come in good use if she help this team. NIGHTjUNK's information officer, Taiko Kaede, accepted her as her apprentice due to her knowledge in computers as well.

~Meruko and Moruto Shimamura- Twin psychics, capable of doing mild telekinesis as well as slightly hive-minded to one another. According to the two, their powers weren't natural, but rather they obtained it after an exposure from a unknown energy. EDF official and Nj team member Dave took in the two and trains them of their powers, him being the same with them, gaining his powers via exposure to divine energy. Though they claim to be twins, the other members suspects more about them...

~ Elfina Burton- Half English, half American; Elfina "elfy" Burton is a shy petite introvert girl who appears to be capable of doing various levels of spells and sorcery. After being physically examined, NIGHTjUNK found out that her right arm, despite being green and has weird marking around it, is also what the spell-users call "the right arm of omnipotence", making her a powerful spell-user (exceeding the team's own Yamiko Kobayashi, who claims to be the strongest sorceress). Yamiko herself trains the young girl. Elfy appears to be attached to another newbie, Dawn Johnson.

~Dawn Johnson- a care-free yet caring girl, Dawn is a full American girl growing up in Japan ever since she was a little girl. Little is known about her powers but it was hinted that she is capable of using psychic abilities. A physical exam reveals that she has an enlarged Pineal Gland, much like NIGHTjUNK's leader and founder, Paul L. Paul decided to train her in developing her potentials. Dawn knew that she's capable of this but isn't quite sure how to do it. Paul optimistically encourages her in this.

other existing members (excluding these newbies): [link]

"NIGHTjUNK, serving the nation!" (c) mine
Godzilla and other related names (c) Toho
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hamnzo Aug 20, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
The girl twin is very cute!
zeogold Jun 2, 2009   Traditional Artist
Sierra: SO, you guys are new comers? I am too, but I'm not "officially" in yet.
dawn: hmmm....
elfy: (hides behind Dawn*)
dawn: why not?
Sierra: The leader hasn't officially told me im in yet.
dawn: paul? that's weird why not?
Sierra: :shrug: He just hasn't said I'm in. We met, but he never said I was in.
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