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April 17, 2011
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Apr 16, 2011, 12:13:10 AM
NIGHTjUNK RDX by hewhowalksdeath NIGHTjUNK RDX by hewhowalksdeath
Since I'm halfway on finishing Season one, I think it's okay to post a group pic of every member of paul's team of mutants, psychic and supernaturals who, day by day, up against giant monsters, evil covens and food shortage...

featured here:

Paul L. - (black hair, scar on left eye) Former Japanse Self Defense Force (JSDF) agent, a psychic mutant who later became a leader of his own group, becoming the first civilian based anti-Kaiju team.

Eru L.- (Paul's twin. Big boobs) Paul's twin sister. Not much of a psychic on the first few stories, but appears to achieve her's after a series of fights against villains. Strong Moral code.

Yamiko Kobayashi - (pale with purple hair) a mysterious girl who practices black magic and owns a Samurai Ghost as her partner. Secretly likes Paul.

Otsune Kinna- (Kitsune with the big bust) A fox spirit who dwells in the mansion where Paul and the rest resides, she enjoys slacking off in booze and smokes. However, when protecting her friends, she turns to a powerful warrior with speed and skills outmatched. Loves her boobs.

Dawn Thompson- (sexy girl in cowboy outfit) A Psychic who came to Paul to train to become a JSDF agent. Playful and mischievous, she enjoys toying around with her team mates. Loves her boobs, too.

Elfie Burton- (freckles) A British girl and Dawn's step sister. A spellcaster born with an unusual sickness giving her a green right arm. Though, said arm can cast spells powerful enough to destroy cities. Very sensitive and loli.

Noah park- (purple hair with glasses. Look real close) a Korean Psychic studying to enter JSDF as an agent. Slightly low self-esteem due to her busty figure and big glasses, but the first to have a boyfriend.

David- (blonde man with golden eyes and glasses, next to Noah) Dave is Paul's supervisor when the kid was still an agent. Now, he's in charge of keeping the team out of trouble and acts as an authority figure for them. Noah's boyfriend.

Yuri Slotknavic - (heterochromia with silver hair) A Russian mutant studying/training to enter JSDF. Her ability to merge and create weapons out of metal scraps makes her one of the strongest members of the team. Considered "not-so-loli".

Rebbecca Wallwater- (dark skin and blue eyes) An african-American New Yorker with the ability to control and manipulate water, she's training/studying to enter JSDF as well. Very Motherly.

Monami Xavier- (girl with crimson hair, Fox ears and wears a berret) Completly against any form of violence, Monami is studying to enter JSDF and hopes to make a better life out of it. Fluent in French.

Jane Nayar- (pink haired girl with dark skin. you may need to squint your eyes to see her) An Indian girl looking for adventure, she escaped her Palace life with her partner, Red, to find life within this team. A mystic with fair magical abilities.

Ramona "Red" Wolfe- (Brown-haired girl with red hoodie. Standing next to Jane) A wanderer turned royal bodyguard for jane, she finds herself in love with the same girl she is protecting. Anti-social and slightly Androgynic, she uses black spells and skilled with the sword.

Thane Flowe- (Black hair, blue eyes, mole on cheek) A pyrokinetic teenager who is "sentenced" to serve under JSDF as of instead "Juvie" in hopes of clearing her record. Instead, he finds the team interesting and decided to live with them and help them with their life. Likes Elfie.

Kazim Rahja- (Black hair, tanned) An Arabian warlock who used to work for a coven of witches, but after his defeat, he finds the team to be more worthy of protecting than destroying. Can summon and manipulate lightning and electricity.

Helga Trowell- (chubby brown-haired girl with green eyes) After seeing Paul's team in TV, this German girl with the ability to merge with solid earth decides to use her mutant abilities for the better good and joins the team to train and to be with her fave.

Toshiro Umezawa -(black haired ponytail with scarf) a ninja Lycanthrope who used to be Paukl's partner during the kid's agent years. He finds Paul's decision to lead a group both Inspiring and dumb, nevertheless, he joins to make sure he doesn't screw-up and to spend time with his friend. likes Otsune.

Sarah Shoemaker- (bunny ears) a sharpshooter with bunny ears sticking out of her head for some reason, she's Toshi's current partner and likes him despite his obliviousness towards it. Hot-headed and very loud.

and featuring: Tick (the guy giving you the finger) and Little Cat (...look for her), the two mascots for the team.

NIGHTjUNK RDX(c) :iconhewhowalksdeath:
Toshi, Dave and Sarah (c) :icontoshithewolf:brown
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wanna know something funny what i jsut noticed btw? ...well, you've already done the 'whole group' portrait the last time and now agian of the second round and something tells me those two complete group shots aren't oyur only and ...well, mine ever first really complete group shot is still in process yet ^^; took me a while...or takes ^^;^^;^^;
as in you confused me.
confused?...with what did i confuse you? xD
what you just said...
oh so you mean just my explaination was too unclear? xD...i thought you meant that you started disliking my charas over the time or something the like xD
LordofNightsShadows Apr 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
dude, rock on!!! i like the new looks and bgs!
Thanks! GROUP HUG! (does so*)

Tick: being crushed in the middle until he bursts*
LordofNightsShadows Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Toshi: o-o did something pop?

Dave: O_O i think so.
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