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November 7, 2008
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Mothra V2 by hewhowalksdeath Mothra V2 by hewhowalksdeath

Larva: 100 meters
Adult: 75 meters

Larva: 40,000 tons
Adult: 24,000 tons

Wing span: 216 meters


Like the creation of mankind, Mothra’s existence is broken into many theories. Some says that she’s an evolutionary abomination while others, normally worshippers, sees her as a divine guardian who eternally exists and a perfect cycle of birth, death and resurrection. Legends has it that she is raised by two magical beings, twin fairies blessed with musical voices and acting out as the eyes to the future. Yet none is stronger than the legend from the fairies themselves, the Shobijins.

According to them, there was a divine creature that existed a million years ago. They themselves are born along with it, as sisters to the creature. They called it Leo, a powerful moth-like colossus who defended the premature world from invaders outside the word's eyes. They say that the spirit of the Earth herself gave birth to Leo as a gift. Yet as evolution lead to mankind's domination, Leo divided itself into two beings: the light and protector, Mothra and the shadow and warrior, Battra.

It is true that Mothra had been the guardian of the planet, saving it from demons who try to steal it for themselves. The moth even once locked herself in combat against a fear-eating monster named Beelzebub and winning against it. Soon after a long slumber, she is once more awakened after mankind decided to show how strong they are using technology.

The nuclear Demon named Godzilla, a spawn of mankind’s science, indeed proved to be Mothra’s equal match. Both brags amazing power, but Godzilla’s aim are far grimmer than Mothra’s; he wanted revenge against mankind for their attempts to “kill” him. But at some point, the two had to join forces against stronger threats, yet not forgetting what both are capable of.

Surprisingly, Godzilla shows a rivalry towards Mothra that is based more on sibling rivalry than dominance. Mothra herself acts as the defensive sister as Godzilla is the destructive brother. The divine goddess even shows responsibility to Godzilla's mayhem, as she brings comfort every after downfall.

Unlike most of the monsters that the defense team, !NIGHTjUNK! had encounterd, Mothra's the one of the first kaiju that won the trust of many. probably because of her appearance, which is far from threatening as well as her shy yet strong relationship between them.

(note: What baffled insect enthusiasts is that Mothra's remarkable life cycle. It appears that Mothra can control her own reproductions and appears to only lay when she knows that she's going to die later that time. Her eggs can grow 10 X after being laid in an incredible speed. Another thing that surprises them is that a single egg can carry two or more larvas, something that is first in history.)

Powers and abilities:

~ can create webbing as strong as steel
~adept swimmer

~ Wings can excrete poisonous powders.
~ Can generate electrical beams at her antennas and legs
~ flight at mach 3
~ can create hurricanes
~can reproduce asexually
~ has enough strength to carry objects heavier than her. (kaijus are an example)

Mothra © Toho
!NIGHTjUNK! © mine
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