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July 4, 2009
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HP Scanjet djf4200
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Jul 3, 2009, 10:59:30 PM
Megaguirus by hewhowalksdeath Megaguirus by hewhowalksdeath
length: 70 meters
wingspan: 100 meters
weight: 16,000 tons.

Meganulon (larva) :
length: 2 meters
weight: 500 kg

Meganula (soldier) :


by the fall of 2014, a phenomenon called the "Crystal Shower" took place. The night sky turned to morning as sharps of space crystals hurls into our world. Each crystal has the ability to mutate creatures into monsters (and, at some point, even give life to inanimate objects), proven by the sudden arrival of new monsters, each with readings of radiation from the space crystals.

One of the crystals landed on Mt. Myoko, near a pond filled with dragonflies in their nesting season.

After the destruction of the first "Crystal mutation" Orga, a few days later another call came up. A local legend about demon insects are claimed to be showing their rear-ugly faces around villages near Mt. Myoko. The JSDF soon answered the call, along with the rouge defense team "NIGHTjUNK", calling Zilla along to aid them.

As the soldiers went in the "cursed cave" to investigate, they saw no demons, but rather a whole hive of eggs and attacking larvae. A small fight between insect larvae and soldiers soon follows but they were outnumbered when the hive's own soldiers came in. Soon, the dragonflies made their way out and attacks the awaiting troops outside.

Millions of wings beating, Zilla attacks the swarm both by instinct and by condition as his master was around. Dave recognizes the patterns of the insects. Their behavior reacts like of those of a bee colony. It soon came to him that there is a queen within the swarm. As Zilla fights the colonies outside, NIGHTjUNK went deeper into the cave, fending off larvae and soldier bugs alike. At the core of if all, they spot a large glowing orb, spewing Crystalline energy. In it, a large sleeping creature wrapped itself around a glowing rock: The queen!

The team aims fire, but before they could do exact harm, the orb cracks and hatches, the insect queen bursting out triumphantly in her transformation: Megaguirus. Beating her wings, she flew up; her soldiers outside stopped attacking and approaches the incoming queen. As their queen came up, her followers injects into her back all of their remaining energy, empowering her even more.

Zilla bravely fight against the insect queen, but alas, as the mutant lizard breathes his radioactive weapon, the insect easily absorbs it through her tail and sends it back at the lizard ten fold! With the mutated lizard injured and out of her way, Megaguirus flees and proceeds to attack Tokyo.

Unwittingly, the king of the monster were swimming not far from her rampage. Japanese ships were send to attack the aerial monster, beyond purposely lured the king closer. Soon, Godzilla rose out of the waters and began attacking the ships as well. Unprepared for the sudden attack, the ships were easy picking for the nuclear titan. He then sets his eyes on a bigger challenge; those rose-red eyes caught the king's attention.

The insect's lightning quick moves were no match for the king's brute strength. The city fell into rubbles and blown away by Megaguirus' speed and Godzilla's plasma-powered breath. Godzilla gotten most of the beating, but a stroke of luck got him the upper hand. Megaguirus, accidentally cut her own claw off when she flew too low on Godzilla's spine. Screaming in pain, Megaguirus was a sitting duck, in which Godzilla took advantage of. Blasting the bug with his blast, the first shot severely injured her. A second blast came, but this thime, the queen was prepared. Raising her tail like a scorpion, she absorbed it and blasts it back at the Titan, sending him down, but not defeated.

Megaguirus hated the titan, pure animalistic anger grew upon her and attacks Godzilla, mano-a-mano. Pinching and clawing the monster the queen gave mothing more than nuisance to the king. Godzilla luckily gotten hold of her tail and punishingly pulled it off from the end, sending the insect in pure agony. Deprived of her only advantage of winning, Godzilla knew the queen can be easily defeated now; Breathing a rather strong concentrated beam, two blasts took down the queen, sending her pummeling down at the ruins below. A third was shot to both ensure her death as well as punish her for her feeble attempt to kill him.

The flames reflects on the creature's eyes. Signaling the death of another threat.

powers and abilities:
~ flight at mach 4
~ can accelerate to supersonic speed, which renders her invisible to her foes
~ claw tipped wings
~ sharp pincers
~ can create hurricane winds through her wings.
~ can absorb energy through her stinger and discharge blasts using those energies to attack her enemies like a beam weapon of her own.

(c) Toho
NIGHTjUNK (c) mine
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