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December 5, 2008
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HP Scanjet djf4200
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Jul 3, 2009, 11:02:24 PM
Kiryu by hewhowalksdeath Kiryu by hewhowalksdeath
(AKA: EDF Kiryu-I)
Height: 120 meters
Weight: 90,000 tons


At first, Kiryu was a product of a temporary “alliance” between a race of aliens called Xaliens and the humans in return of the humans’ effort for helping them get home. The Xaliens earned their trust by dispatching Godzilla momentarily, so as a fair share of the human’s intention to help them, they build Kiryu, an anti-Kaiju mech made to top any monster even Godzilla himself. But the Xalien’s mask were soon torn away and revealed their true intentions. The “teleporter” that the humans built was actually no for the Xaliens to go home but for their fleets to be transported. Kiryu was all along a part of their invasion as X, the Xalien leader, controls it via mother ship and sent out their own kaiju, a bladed assassin called Gigan. Together, Kiryu and Gigan attack Tokyo and nearly put the city into rubbles only to awaken Godzilla again and attack the two machines into smithereens.

Kiryu and Gigan’s remains were stored away in the deepest of EDF’s base. By the near end of 2009, Gigan and Kiryu mysteriously disappeared. The guards were baffled, as well as the EDF themselves.

Soon another raid was planned and now, Kiryu returns with improvements and with an ally, a vermillion aquatic dinosaur named Titanosaurus. Although the raid almost went beautifully, Godzilla still got the upper hand and wins the battle with Kiryu down to scrap metal and beyond repair and Titanosaurus out of his enslavement. Ever since then, the Xaliens abandoned using the mech from any operations and left it on Earth.

But the Humans found use for the fallen robot. For 4 years, EDF had talked about mech productions and Kiryu was on the line. He came in third of the slots, with Moguera and Mech Ghidorah prior to him and another, The Asuka Fortress next in line. By 2014, Kiryu was reborn as an Earth Defender, ironically its purpose in the beginning.

Powers and abilities:

(as an alien made mech)
~Has two Type 90 Maser Cannons in mouth;
~twin laser cannons mounted on left arm;
~able to morph his right hand into a drill;
~a revolving rocket shooter located at right arm ;
~ rocket boosters that enable limited flying;
~ can project a level of force field around its body.

(additional in it’s remade EDF form)
~equipped with two shoulder mounted launchers capable of firing six rockets in the front and the eight heat seeking missiles from the sides and back;
~had a bolt cable shooter located at right shoulder
~able to fire off each of his two shoulder mounted rocket launchers which will cause huge explosions on impact;
~able to extend some of its wires through ports on its neck to latch onto objects;
~Hyper Maser contained in Kiryu's chest that fire off three maser blasts
~ cluster laser at right arm

Kiryu I: none. A.I. system
Kiryu II: Xalien base. remote control sysytem
Kiryu 2014: ~!Nj! member Dave
~ Akane Yashiro
(Note: Kiryu here , unlike his Toho Original, wasn’t made over Godzilla’s bones. Although the original Godzilla’s bones do left intact to the earth or at this case the bottom of the ocean, it was never recovered. The version here shows both Showa and Heisei origins, as well as the likeness of the Kiryu design. So to put it simple, this is all mech-G in one!)

© Toho
!NIGHTjUNK! © mine

Height: 90 meters
Weight: 20,000 tons
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Pumpkinhead6666 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  New member
Why does he have leg flaps?
ToryFlores Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Don't like the design or story( I like the godzilla bones idea), but that's just me
ShockWaveX2 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011
Awesome work of Kiryu aka MechaGodzilla III.
majoramark Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
:headbang: baddass robot is baddass
qmaster97 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
EPIC FUCKIN WIN you earn a fav
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011
Growcher Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
Nice details! This deserves my "favorite"
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2010
thank you!
sintaro Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008
wow... man, my respects, looks really good, and I know about the difficulties of making mecha designs, yo seemed to version it really good, some details are a little twisted, but still looks better than my first mecha drawings XD. Really good one :thumbsup:
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008
nah, you still have the best mech designs. I have to admit the legs were based on a gundam legs, smae goes to it's flight system.
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