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December 30, 2008
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Hedorah final by hewhowalksdeath Hedorah final by hewhowalksdeath
Hedorah (final)

Height: 130 meters
Weight: 70,000 to 100,000 tons

Flying across America, millions had died under the smog monster’s acidic cloud. Left unfazed by this disaster was none other than Godzilla himself, marching and following the putrid alien in its tracks. But USDF had been notified of the two, went their way and attacked both monsters in a separate way; their land-based weapons attacked Godzilla while their air-force went after Hedorah. Godzilla got tangled in his approach, but Hedorah left his mark and went on.

The defense team NIGHTjUNK seeks their smog monster and found it looming near the city of sins, Las Vegas. The team did their best on a melee fight with the smog monster, but its toxicity kept its distance around the heroes. They went on their next step, plan B: The Electron Gun. Their marksman, a Kitsune girl named Mika, shot a direct hit over Hedorah’s eyes. The heavy bolts were too much for the alien, dropping on the city and shaking its mass in search of food. As the team went in to restrain the corrosive being, Hedorah fought back. Shooting more tadpoles against the team, citizens flee when Hedorah got up and shifts back to its juvenile form and marches down in seek of toxicity.

The tadpoles were proven to be a dangerous foe; the team took their time on killing each pieces. The fight was hard, but the army of Hedorah tadpoles suddenly left, signifying retreat. But it wasn’t.

The million mass went towards their prior single body, now mutating as it found the pollution it needed. Now standing 130 meters on its hind legs, tubes began to break out of its mucky side, the forelegs stretches and sprouted claws. Hedorah let out a bubbling croak, followed by a high shriek. The team knew what it meant; he’s ready to do more chaos. There, Nightjunk splits up and attacked the giant, but its heavily polluted tissue had mutated its cells once again accelerating the healing ability. Despite their efforts, the rouge defense team failed to stop Hedorah. Now murdering hundreds, the smog monster marches supreme.

But suddenly, in the midst of the chaos Hedorah was making, a cry was heard. Then a bright blue stream of energy hits Hedorah, knocking him down: Godzilla made it. Now enemies reunite and their battle starts.

Hedorah’s newly acquired acidity was proven too much for Godzilla in a melee battle; his scratches did more damage to himself than to his foe. Knocking the alien down with his tail, he went for a more ranged approach but blasts down the creature’s back only scratched it. Now the smog monster countered, spraying the nuclear titan’s face with his acid sends the beast roaring in pain. Hedorah then extends his arms and wraps them around Godzilla, adding the pain as he pummels and drags him all over the city.

During the battle, the team decided to upgrade their electron gun to fit their target’s new size. Retreating back, half of the team decided to stay and aid Godzilla. With little time, the rest had to hurry.

After more fighting, Godzilla gained a little toll against his foe. Basting a nearby electrical power plant, Godzilla pushes down the smog monster, exposing it in its landing to a thousand bolts. In pain, Hedorah swats back the monster king and tries to cover him again. Fighting back with nuclear pulse, Godzilla delays the attempt. But time’s running out, Godzilla’s weakening against the strong acid and Hedorah’s quickly gaining the upper hand. The remaining team members tried to stop the alien, but their powers weren’t enough to stop it. Godzilla, now unable to stand the pain, fell down and lie motionless. Hedorah slithers off its victim and croaks in victor. Hedorah then began feeding again; the pieces lost in the battle reunites with their main body, making him bigger and stronger. With that, it continues its evil attempt to erase men from the Earth. The remaining !Nj! team even attempted to hold off the pollution Titan until the rest returns. Gladly, their prayers were answered.

The rest of the team returns with a now improvised electron gun (EG-V2), a cannon-like weapon that shoots a pure concentrated electron blast. The team decided to use the gun three times, two to weaken Hedorah and another to annihilate it completely. The shots were fired, two directly hits Hedorah with effect, it shriek filled the air with pain as he felt its own being drained of its liquidity. Just as the third shot was about to be fired, an accident on the ruins caused a misfire, which instead shot the unconscious Godzilla, reawakening him. The battle against the titans continues.

Now equally matched; the weakened Hedorah sprays more acid against the monster king, leaving no more than scars, as it tries to retreat against him. Feeling the need to feed, it struggles to keep Godzilla at bay. The monster king felt no remorse, blasting him with pure strength of his nuclear beam, he began to stalk it.

Hedorah couldn’t take no more; it shifted back to its flying form and flew away, taking a few hits from Godzilla’s beams. The rouge team prepares their cannon for one more blast, directly hitting the smog monster and sending it crashing down. Dying, Hedorah felt its whole body burned by Godzilla’s furious rays, leaving almost no trace of the alien.

Weakened, Godzilla returned to the seas, leaving what was left in Las Vegas and of Hedorah. The creature’s remains were transported back to EDF base, where usage of the substance, even in experimental interest, was banned.

(Although, few government officials were still convinced on the possibilities of using the alien itself. Awed by the creature’s prowess, a few confidential plans were rumored to be made when more information about the creature arrives.)

Powers and abilities:

~Feeds on Pollution and use the sustenance as a source of energy in combat or as weapons.
~ Highly toxic body
~ Can produce a very strong acid that can eat through metal (or houses a number of bacterium) and can spray such acids through its “mouth”
~ Optic beams
~ Emits poisonous smog through vent tubes
~ can extend any part of its body and can use some as whips
~ can shift back to any prior stages.
~ Liquid state enables it to change/ fit through any form
~ hive-minded to other pieces and/or prior stages

© Toho

!NIGHTjUNK! © mine
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Art-Andy Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
If Godzilla ever kills this monster, I'm not gonna clean that mess!
kaijusaurus387 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013   General Artist
this so awesome . it reminds of man-thing from marvel comics
BeachPrimrose Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Wow that is amazing!
hypergojira Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2009
nice hedorah - I like all of the stages and your style really looks great with this beast.
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2009
hehhe, thanks! ^__^
I tried multiple style before, but I'm most proud on this one! "modernized" I call it!
hypergojira Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2009
your welcome
Spuderific Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2009
Looks like a psycho version of the Swamp Thing
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2009
yep, less eco-friendly and more "thing" than the swamp.
Spuderific Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2009
yeah :D
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