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December 5, 2008
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HP Scanjet djf4200
Date Taken
Nov 8, 2009, 5:09:16 AM
Gorosaurus by hewhowalksdeath Gorosaurus by hewhowalksdeath
Height: 90 meters
Weight: 20,000 tons


Although Birth Island homes many mutations with varying level of changes, one saurian creature appears to show the least of the changes. During 1933, a film crew visited Birth Island to shoot a documentary about it. Along the process, an aspiring actress, Ann Darrow, was attacked by a theropod and saved by the future “8th wonder of the world”, King Kong. They came for a film yet they found a beast to capture and a story to tell to their generation towards the next, about monsters with striking resemblances to a tyrannosaurus which gave other crew members a tale about living dinosaurs on an island somewhere in Eastern Asia by the time they have escaped. The once known as a “Tyrannosaurus Rex” was never much mentioned as the years passed by.

In 2008, after her plane going through a storm, rouge EDF team !NIGHTjUNK! member Otsune Kinna, the team’s only Japanese demoness member became stranded on the same island. During one of her search for food, shelter and proper drinking water, she stumbled across Anguirus, a titanic Ankylosaur and Kumonga, an equally colossal spider. Betting on the right horse, Otsune aided Anguirus on this fight, but the four-legged titan only felt disturbed about her appearance as well as her intentions, leaving her alone until the night they meet again.

It wasn’t long before dusk came and welcomed the night. Otsune listened and heard Anguirus’ cries. There she found him fighting another monster, more reptilian than the drove off Arachnid. Anguirus was locked in battle with Gorosaurus, now mutated eight times taller than he was before due to the chemicals from the Hiroshima bombing. Anguirus was on a down fall until Otsune again saved him by distracting the giant saurian with rocks and cries. Just as Gorosaurus was on her tail, Anguirus saves her and now locked again for another battle. Despite his powerful kicks, Anguirus got hold of him as the lower dinosaur bites one his legs and sends him crashing down. After the long fight, Anguirus rose victorious, standing up on his hind-legs, clawing the carnivore in the face and Otsune attacking him with an exploding talisman, causing the great dinosaur to fall. He wasn’t seen until a year later.

Now standing tall once again, Gorosaurus was one of the few monsters who sensed the evil of Space Godzilla during his first landing. Alerted, Gorosaurus joined other monsters in frenzy as they attacked the space menace in defense. Although he did injure the creature (swiped Space Godzilla’s side and bite his tail) yet, the alien is proven to be a powerful foe when he blasts them with his shoulder bolts. After that, he retreated, never to be seen again as he watches Varan, Godzilla and Rodan faces the invader.

In 2014, Gorosaurus was unwillingly recruited as a part of an intergalactic war between two alien races: The xaliens and the venusians. The xaliens once tried to take over Earth by unleashing Mechagodzilla/kiryu, yet had failed twice to do their ill will success. Now, they had decided to pick on an easier feast and targeted the peaceful yet technologically advanced venusians. The venusains seeked help on Earth, and after a while, EDF agreed upon this.

Knowing they might not have a chance against the combined effort of their two preys, the xaliens captured enough earth monsters to aid them, one of them being Gorosaurus. But Gorosaurus joining the xaliens didn't happen too long, for soon, two young venusian agents found their hideout and sabotaged (nearly) their foe's plans. Gorosaurus escaped after his collar (used to control him as well as the other captured monsters) broke. Soon, either siding with the humans or perhaps just plain luck, he fought for Earth and survives the war against the invaders. As soon as the threat was over, Gorosaurus resumed his peaceful life.

Powers and abilities:
~ powerful jaws
~ strong tail that can support the creature’s weight as he stands on it to inflict a double kick. (dubbed “Kangaroo kick)
~ a slight burrowing ability, but only on hillsides and mountain feet.

(note: The Hiroshima Bomb wasn’t dropped until 1945 so the inhabitants of Birth Island were more likely to be in their normal stature. In addition to this, Gorosaurus isn’t properly studied until 2009.

Despite the creature’s weaker state among the rest of the island’s inhabitants, Gorosaurus is surprisingly adaptable to other aggressive creatures. Godzilla appears to be amused of the creature as he even welcomes him in dog-fights. Although, Godzilla still shows aggression to Gorosaurus when the allosaurus-like monster does something unforgivable. (like perhaps, hunting Junior down))

© Toho
!NIGHTjUNK! © mine.
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