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Gigamoth V2 by hewhowalksdeath Gigamoth V2 by hewhowalksdeath

Length: 76 meters
Wingspan: 216 meters
Weight: 26,000 tons


In 2009, a few weeks after another raid, a storm had knocked off one of Mothra’s eggs and somehow rolled away from its mother’s watchful eyes and washed ashore to Kyoto. But Mothra herself knew what fate had been bestowed to her offspring. Near the beach, a chemical plant was being shut down due to unfit usage of chemicals, and come to the fact that some of the sludge was seeping down to the ocean.

A group of high school students, on a field trip, were one of the first to see the egg. Among the students was young Yamiko Kobayashi, former junior member of the defense team !NIGHTjUNK!, and she quickly noticed that it was one of Mothra’s eggs. (Being that she had seen one earlier on another mission)

Yamiko notified her teammates, who came in sooner as they got the call. After a few studies they found out that the egg was mutated due to the radiation. A voice agrees to that finding. Behind the egg, a tanned woman approaches them and claims to be the egg’s “familiar”. The woman introduces herself as Mana, and she was trained and raised by the Shobijins. She proved this by telepathically showing them her past and what the egg had gone through. Clear enough they believed her, but their acquaintances was cut short when Godzilla arrives, drawn by the power of the egg. As Godzilla ravages Kyoto, the egg hatches a heavily mutated Mothra larva and wrecks havoc as well. The two monsters met and does battle, but the new larva got the upper hand over Godzilla, who is fallen ill due to his previous battle (Hedorah’s toxicity had fully taken over him, as well as another infection from a mosquito kaiju).

“Gigamoth’s” hunger overtook her, crashing through the city; she attacks the recently closed chemical plant and began feeding on the sludge. !NIGHTjUNK! looked after Godzilla as the JSDF sprung into action. The tanks and jets were proven useless against the larva as it began to pupate, using the sludge of acid as his cocoon.

As Dusk arrives, Godzilla was with his own eyes, for the first time, a human showing concern over him: Paul L., the psychic team leader. The king moans in sickness, and the acidic chrysalis began to break open. Soon, Gigamoth reached her next stage, a green imago. Her shrieks mark the soldiers’ signal and open fires. The moth easily fended them off; brutally, she sprays them with acidic mist and same goes to the city as she flew away.

Seeing the threat, Paul L. decided to pass on a part of his energy to Godzilla, thus revitalizing the nuclear titan back to health, but also means weakening the giver. With much chaos around, Paul had no choice; the energy passes on as Godzilla roars in triumph. The king looms down and saw the humans, but decided not to harm them when he saw “the boy” and went after Gigamoth.

The two collides on Tokyo where as Gigamoth had spread her uncontrolled rage over already; the two monsters continue their battle. Godzilla’s scaly hide sizzles as Gigamoth sprays her acidic mist at him but the King got the upper hand by blasting open Gigamoth’s right wing and sending the insect to the ground. The saurian beast felt no remorse over his fallen enemy, blasting him a face full of nuclear beam, overthrowing him to the waters. Just as it looked like Godzilla won, Gigamoth arises and webbed Godzilla and pulls him back to the waters to finish the fight. Godzilla lost his patience and pulls the insect towards him using the same web that caught him and tore off her horn. Weak, Gigamoth plunges down to the sea; dying and bringing the trapped beast with her. Godzilla’s roar can be heard from the distance and his beam fires from the horizon, signifying escape.

Of course, this didn’t ended Gigamoth’s legacy. During the time Godzilla fell ill, Gigamoth laid an egg and buried it near a mountainous land in Japan, where it remain dormant until a few weeks after its mother’s death. The new Gigamoth is male, probably the last of his own kind, and has a milder nature, proven when he tries to fend off Varan where it nested in Tokyo and became territorial. Somewhat, marked by the fear his mother did to the humans, they accidentally fend off Gigamoth and severely injuring him, but by the time he was transported to Birth Island (home island of all kaiju, as big as Texas located near the Pacific), he was reunited with his mother’s familiar, Mana and fill in the role as “the Earth-bound Guardian”.

Til’ then Gigamoth was rarely seen again; His wounds had healed, forgave the humans for it and matures into his imago form. Yet, Mana claims that Gigamoth’s decision to stay was really made by him, perhaps, learning from his mother’s blinded rage. Could this be another defender of our planet?

Powers and abilities:

~web attack
~acidic mist from his mouth
~can ingest radiation as its source of energy to grow
~ Cocoon can absorb energy and use it to speed up the larva’s transformation
~ The second larva developed a telepathic link on humans. Strength of this link depends on the strength of the human’s ESP
~ Poisonous spikes/horns
~burrowing ability

~ Burrowing ability (only when laying eggs.)
~ Web attack (much stronger webbings than the prior)
~ Flight speed at mach 3
~ Wings can produce poisonous and acidic powders
~ Horn beams
~ Stinger can produce powerful venom
~ can spray acidic mist from its mouth
~ Female Gigamoth can reproduce asexually
~ The male Gigamoth had a stronger telepathic link on his “familiar” (The human Mana).

(Gigamoth is an unproduced kaiju in property of Toho. Though the kaiju bears the name and likeness of the unmade monster, the stories are original to mine alone.)

© Toho and mine
!NIGHTjUNK! © mine
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hamnzo Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
How monsterous.
Very cool :D
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2008
we all have to do their best to updating their monsters...8,......mehehehehahahah!!!! XD
ToshirotheKnightWolf Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
sweet. they need another good bug kaiju.
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2008
...does Legion count? I think he was good...except he was with Megagurius wasn't so good at many wrong details...
ToshirotheKnightWolf Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
legion????? never saw him. no megagurius was a bad bug.
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008
well, Legion was a multi-legged bug with metallic coverings around him. he/she was an heisei monster so it was well detailed.

Megagurius is indeed great.but...I can't pull out the fact that she a way...
ToshirotheKnightWolf Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
oh yeah. very random.
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008
but still, she is one bad momma!

shobijin: that Gigamoth?
ToshirotheKnightWolf Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Dave: yes it is, why???
hewhowalksdeath Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008
shobijin: where's Mana? she's always with Gigamoth...
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