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March 24, 2009
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Ebirah by hewhowalksdeath Ebirah by hewhowalksdeath
(a little change on the creature's history, since in my fan-series, Godzilla I died on 1954 and ever since, G II only came in during 2008. So in between these years, G didn't appear. So as a replacement, I added Mothra into the fray.)

height: 30 meters
length: 100 meters
weight: 50,000 tons

A number of Ebirahs is currently existing in the open waters from every face of the globe. A total of three of this seismic lobster is recorded to attack, the rest were known to feed on the minerals underwater as well as the vegetation of sea weed and kelp.

The origin of the lobsters are a bit dodgy, but one can speculate that this is a result of nuclear radiation due to high levels of radioactivity around the creature's body. (which also explains why Godzilla frequently attacks one if he gets the chance to see it).

The first attack was during 1966, a terrorist organization known as "Red Bamboo" was planning to use the creature as a mercenary monster. After capturing an Ebirah on Micronesia, they used a special chemical to restrain and control it. The EDF responded on its first attack, after receiving a video where the group held Japan for ransom, but fails to penetrate the sea monster's tough shell. What happened later was a mystery to them; a giant Moth do battle against Ebirah after cornering it near Osaka. The new monster somehow broke the group's control over the horror of the deep and soon swam away admitting defeat.

The Red Bamboo, though, managed to escape. Their whereabouts and identities are still unknown to date.

The second raid happened in the year 2014, where a comet hits Earth, awakening two monsters: Godzilla ( the second) and a giant walrus, Maguma. After the two clashed, they both went on their own ways and began raiding two separate nations. Maguma ended in New Guinea, and somehow disturbed a hibernating Ebirah. As the two clashed, the EDF worked their way to both monsters. In the end, Ebirah was driven away by Maguma after losing a claw to the walrus, leaving the EDF to restrain the beast themselves.

The third (but perhaps not the last) raid happened a few months later. An Ebirah is reluctantly recruited by The Xaliens, an alien race, bent on dominating another, the Venusians. After the Venusians seek help on Earth, The Xaliens sent two of Earth's monsters they managed to control; Gorosaurus and Ebirah, unto attacking. As the combined forces of the EDF army and the venusians do battle against them, they managed to free Gorosaurus from the Xalien's control, leaving Ebirah to battle his former cohort...

powers and abilities:
~powerful claws
~sensitive to certain scents
~can swim to 20 knots
~shell tough enough to withstand even a bomb explosion

(c) toho
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