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April 19, 2009
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Deathla by hewhowalksdeath Deathla by hewhowalksdeath
height: 125 meters
weight: 60,000 tons


While in the midst of Godzilla's rampage in Tokyo, the JSDF unit were busy with another problem; a horde of mutated fungi (matango) began an attack, eating and infecting their victims. Yuji Shinoda from the Godzilla prediction Network came in to argue with his friend, Mitsuo katagiri, to cease the attack on Godzilla and rather, do something about the matango. Stubborn, katagiri snapped back that the JSDF can handle the mutants, unaware that the matango are growing in number.

Katagiri's remaining troops continues their attack on Godzilla, who by nature fought back. The matangoes, now cornered by the JSDF, merged to one final form: Deathla.

Deathla did time on the JSDF troops, destroying everything that attacked him. Godzilla sensed his pressence but had to set aside his aggressive nature to finish off a nuisance. Shinoda called in again his friend anf begged him to stop the attack, but the hard headed Katagiri refuses, claiming that Godzilla finished off his loved ones, and he will not stop until he sees this reptile go down. 80% of his troops are already down when he recived the call, and by the time he ended it, godzilla was looking at him and burned him down with his beam.

Alas, the two titan now met eye to eye, as night falls, the carnivorous mutant took on agression and attacked the nuclear titan. His tentacled clamped down at Godzilla's hide, he threashed him down and began pounding the beast. Godzilla took his foe off balance when he whipped him down with his tail, he used his nuclear pulse to destory Deathla's grasps and proceeds to shoot his beam at the mutant. survivng the blows, Deathla sprayed acidic blood at the monster king and used the time to get the upper hand.

Godzilla's skin burns, but still managed to grab hold of Deathla's tail. He tossed the mutant off ground with it and blasts him again with another beam. Deathla got into his feet and roars out of anger and frustration; he shot the monster king with a beam out of his mouth. Godzilla, taken by surprise, got a faceful of the blast, knocking him down. The mutant raced towards his foe and grabbed him. With no mercy, he pounds the monster with his tentacles and thrashes him over and over to the buildings. He swings him and tosses the fallen king over the tokyo tower, where he crash landed over a panic crowd.

Deathla still felt no mercy, but his rampage was cut short when Godzilla beams him by surprise. reenacting the fungi's attacks, Deathla also for a faceful of Godzilla's blast. He fell to the dirt and the nuclear titan grabbed him by the head and pounds him over and over on the concrete.

The JSDF, now finally recruited, prepares to finish both monsters. They armed themselves with a new improved freezer weapon, in hopes of at least paralyzing Godzilla and Deathla, in order to move them away. They shot the fighting titans and hits Deathla's arm. A cold stinging pain felt its way to Deathla, his arm turned stone cold and began to break down to pieces. Frustrated again, he shoved away the king and spots the perpetrators. He shots another beam, but misses when G toppled him down again. The JSDF continues to fire at the monsters, Deathla was dying quickly as his body began to freeze, Godzilla, though being frozen as well, managed to shot off parts from Deathla and incinerating them. Lastly, Godzilla was close to being frozen after repeated hits from the freezer weapons, he effortly burned down the remaining body and pieces of the mutant.

Deathla's spores ascended to the heaven, the king of the monsters sees this as a reminder, that soon, Deathla will appear again, and by that time, he will finish this mutant off, once and for all!

powers and abilities:
~ accelerated healing factor (limited when exposed to cold temperature.)
~ hooked/clawed tentacles can extend to reach targets
~ can fire a straight thin beam that can explode in contact
~ brute strength, capable of carrying a monster twice his weight
~ immortal, can survive by transforming into spores
~ speculated to breakdown into matangoes if needed.

prior stage: [link]

(c) toho
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