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December 30, 2008
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Broma by hewhowalksdeath Broma by hewhowalksdeath

Full specie name: Bromasaurus
Height: 90 meters
Weight: 70,000 tons


By the size of Texas, the lost continent found somewhere in the Pacific, going by the moniker “Birth Island”, became a “ No-Travel” zone for all types of transport vehicles. It is also a quarantined zone; ever since the Hiroshima Bombing, the island was fully exposed to radiation, and through this, every living organism in that island were fully mutated, some growing the size of a tower, others developing strange abilities. Expeditions on the island are highly prohibited.

But by the time the team NIGHTjUNK was been made in 2008, they were the first to fully explore the island. Nevertheless, only they were given authority to lead groups and organize expeditions.

By 2014, the Nj team had more members; as a way of educating newbie members, some of the team’s more skilled members started a program to fully explore the island, as both a fieldtrip and a surveillance.

In one summer in that year, the team leader himself heads the group. Exploring deep into this domain, leader, Paul L. and his group stumbled upon a fight between two monsters.

The two monsters challenge each other for dominance in territory. An armored, beaked-headed quadruped known as Stonudon advances at his aggressor, the spiked Bromasaurus. The dinosaur fought back, swiping the reptile with scratches, but nevertheless did any damage at all. The four-legged living armor had his advantage; charging against the beast with his might and hopes to tackle it down. The attempt failed in vain as Broma tail-whipped the reptile. Stonudon defended itself, catching the swinging tail, the armored reptile held on in hopes of a miracle of defeating the large predator. In annoyance, Broma gathered all of his strength and lifted the beaked dinosaur up the ground and began pummeling him to the ground with it. In full pain, Stonudon lets go and began to retreat. Now gaining the upper hand; the horned monster rams its foe on the head, again and again until Stonudon was forced out. Proudly the victor, Bromasaurus roars.

The day nearly ended without any problems, Paul led his small pocket of team mates back to their boat, when suddenly Broma arrives and blocked their way. Hungry, the giant dinosaur decided to satisfy its craving on the small humans, little did he know that these “humans” had the capability of battling something like him. Paul gave the orders; the team scatters and initiates their attack.

Alas, the team didn’t have enough power to stop the carnivore on attacking them; soon they were forced to retreat as well. Paul suddenly turned this opportunity to train his new members to cooperate with one another. After seeking shelter, Paul led a plan with the newbies to defeat the dinosaur and escape the island alive.

After a while, the group managed to drove the creature away by leading it near a cliff and attacking it fully until it fell to its death. Or did it?

A few weeks after this attack, Broma was seen in a Japanese countryside, attacking a village and nearly leaving no survivors. In a witness’ eyes, the scars proved that this is the same Broma in Birth Island, somehow surviving the fall and made its way to another archipelago.

Four members of Nj was sent to investigate; two junior members, mage Sasori and swords girl Namiko, an EDF agent Dave and a supernatural beast, Savage. The four made their way to the ruins and saw the monster’s footprints, leading to the mountains. There, they were attacked directly by the dinosaur, but was driven away by Savage, who easily overpowered him and sends him retreating to the ground. What appears as a victor is actually a beginning.

While the four is ensuring the creature’s gone for good, Broma made his way to a more populated area. Territorial, it attacked everything in his path. The rest of the team was called in. Surprisingly the beast is a lot tougher, even for them; the creature’s hide easily bounced back every shot they did and it protected him well from heavy flare.

After more fighting, one team mate finally damaged the monster; mutant “living metal” girl, Jennifer Wakeman, transformed her own limbs into heavy guns and bombarded the monster, finally piercing through its hide. Broma countered her by digging underneath the ground and attacking her from below, only to be saved by another member. There, she unleashed a whole fury and forever silenced the creature after a series of heavy shots.

Not so long after the prior event, Broma was seen by some witnesses around Mt. Fuji. Whether this was the same monster or something from the same specie is yet to be known.

Powers and abilities:
~ burrowing ability even effective against rocky paths
~ Tough hide can withstand extreme heat and has a level of impenetrability
~ Horned head used effectively as a battering ram
~ thick tail containing nearly more muscles than what the whole body had.

Broma and NIGHTjUNK© mine
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About the size of Texas? Wow...
ayuh! everytime team NIGHTjUNK finds a wild monster rampaging in a city, that's where they put them... and some get eaten by carnivores like him.
hamnzo Jan 3, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
What a spiky monster, very cool :)
if you know Gomora from Ultraman, you'll see the similarities! XD
LordofNightsShadows Dec 31, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
so that's broma!!!!! nice.
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