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June 22, 2011
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Adventure Time OC meme by hewhowalksdeath Adventure Time OC meme by hewhowalksdeath
(Visit Herbiei n her Ask account! :iconaskherbie:)

I found this meme wandering around DA and sadly, The guy (:iconisomniac777:) deactivated his/her account so I couldn't post the link to the blank I just photoshopped somebody else's and cleaned it up.

Anywho, I wanted to explore further my OC Adventure Time Princess, Herbal Princess [link] , and see I can flesh out of her. So far, answering this meme is one of them...

Artists comments.

1. :iconsordcooper2: once commented that she resembles Marijuana leaves. It was unintentional, but it kinda struck me an idea. Other than being a health enthusiast, what if she thinks she's a hippie, even if she isn't one?

Also, this is what she would look like if i draw her in my own style.

2. Not to be confused with the real Veggie Village [link] The Vegetable Kingdom is a giant tree stump, hollowed-out as a greenery where she plants and grows every villagers in the veggie village. Why is the Kingdom 500 miles away from the village is beyond me...

3. The Veggie Kingdom's natural enemy...The Worms. [link]

4. She loves the Science dance. But she's not as good of a dancer as Finn...or at least that's what she thinks.

5. Being a health Enthusiast, it's only natural...

6. Simply put, Ben is a tomato...

7. She confuses "Ice King" with her past boyfriend, Ice Cube King. They used to date, until he tries to save the Cotton Candy Princess from the evil Fire Monarch [link] he didn't think through that one much though...(He died/melted even before he can enter the Fire Billy had to do it.[link])

8. Originally, she's supposed to resemble a leaf, but she ended up looking like a chili pepper. So I made her into an apple for some explainable purposes...

9. ...Doesn't she look like a sea-sick Finn to you?

10. Yeah it's Stanley. [link]

This is how she fights evil...

11. ...Just in case you didn't notice, she has an awfully big rack...

(If Cartoon Network would use my Herbie, and this dress, they would trim down the cleavage or lessen the bust size, I'll tell you that...:icondeathstareplz: )

12. I once explained to a friend here that she and PB doesn't get along too much. Since PB is the ruler of a kingdom full of Sentient Candy (and in her opinion, Candy is not healthy) she doesn't feel comfortable with her, fearing her dislike for the candy people she might upset her.

Either ways, PB tries her best to tag along...

On the other hand, she's good friends with Slime Princess.

13. Don't worry, it's not canon. And it never was!


Adventure Time (c) Pendleton ward
Herbal Princess and Ice Cube King (c) :iconhewhowalksdeath:
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